Shea Moisuture Hair Color System 1

I know there’s a whole gray movement going on, but I have jumped on the bandwagon of claiming them quite yet! Those stray grays are messing up my baby hair moment. I love jet black hair, I’ve dyed my hair multiple colors, but I always go back to black (even better with a dark blue tint.) I recently Shea Moisture’s Hair Color System and loved it! I’m familiar with the brand as I have used other products from their hair and skincare line, but I wasn’t as impressed as I was using this at home hair dye kit. The packaging drew me in, but it really delivered on how easy the process was and how soft it left my hair. Sometimes dying can leave your hair with a chalky feeling after it’s styled, but my hair was pretty soft after using the Shea Moisture Color System. [click to continue…]



This episode of the Podcast discusses whether having multiple passions mean that you should pursue all of them as a business. Be WARNED, following your passion DOES mean you will have to work hard.

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August 2015 Content Report

by Miss Mikelah on September 28, 2015

August Content Report

I know it’s the end of September, this has been such a busy month! But I wanted to make sure I gave a quick update on my content report. August was about momentum and keeping up engagement, so I’ll I didn’t make leaps in my stats I kept momentum and made baby steps by being consistent and that was really important.

Posts: 10, still below my goal of 15 posts a month, but more that my 8 the previous month so I’m getting better from a consistency standpoint

Still below my goal of 15 posts, but more than I had in July, so I’m getting there! I’m pushing to hit it this month!

Instagram: Up to 587 from 556 last month

I’ve been focused on doing at least one post per day, I found this free pre-posting site called where I can pre-post from my computer, which was cool. I will use more in the future

Facebook Fans: 158 (same), although I haven’t grown in followers, being consistent.

Twitter: I’ve been more focused on engagement on twitter, more chats and tweeting with other bloggers as well as sharing my blog posts.

September Goals:

  • 15 Posts!
  • Lower site bounce rate by 10%
  • Grow site visits by 10%



DMarsh Couture NYFW SS 2016 3

Designer D’Marsh Couture presented his spring/summer 2016 collection Le Visite de la Fleur at Coco Mat during New York Fashion Week. Inspired by flowers while on  his recent visit to Columbia, the collection was vibrant with soft pastels detailed pops of patterns he’s known for. Accessorized with jewelry by Sinners & Saints , shoes by CG&D Shoes and hand crafted hand bags made from Caribbean Food Delights patty artwork. [click to continue…]




I’m still co-hosting with Kerry on her Carry on Friends Podcast! In Episode 18 we’re talking how to take your career to the next level with these 5 Tips for Managing Your Career. After focusing on entrepreneurs and side-hustles we didn’t want to level out members of our community who are focused on their careers. In this episode we offer tips and resources that will help you develop your career. More over at Carry on Friends.

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Tommy Hilfiger Jamaica inspired spring summer 2016 collection

Tommy Hilfiger’s S/S 2016 collection show was this week at New York Fashion Week. While the collection was cute and definitely beachy, there was nothing ground-breaking about any of it, at least in my opinion. It seemed like he blended Cooyah with Stella Jean and sprinkled with 70’s hippie. The line was  showcased a beautiful board walk beach setting, which I’ve never seen before and thought was pretty creative and set the vibe for the collection.

The line was most definitely inspired by Jamaica. When I saw a few of the pictures I, like others, was like “bullet, (insert two finga gun salute)”, then I watched the video with mixed emotions trying to decide how I felt about it. Part of me wanted to jump on the “culture appropriation” bandwagon, but when I thought about it more, I concluded that Jamaica served simply as inspiration behind the Tommy Hilfiger’s S/S 2016 collection. Here’s why:

Jamaica is an “always on” trend

Jamaica’s culture has always had an alluring feel, when it comes to mainstream culture. Jamaican culture, unfortunately to the mass has been synonymously equated to “The Caribbean” (an incorrect idea that is not completely dismissed by my fellow peeps…tell the truth!) Jamaica has always been met with open arms with a plethora of inspired artistry. Hilfiger is not the first designer, artist or brand to be inspired and he won’t be the last. Every couple of months I see something mainstream inspired by Jamaica or reggae music in general (i.e. Volkswagen, Reebok, Puma, J.Cole for BallySwiss and more)

The collection isn’t exactly being marketing towards for us

Every fashion line has a target market. Tommy Hilfiger’s S/S 2016 collection isn’t made for those who live in the Caribbean, it’s for those who vacation there. Not to mention Caribbeans aren’t buying Tommy Hilfiger in droves, even here in the states. While Hilfiger displays his admiration and was surely inspired, he’s not exactly displaying this for Caribbean based consumers, check the motto and store city listings (excluding licensing):

All Tommy Hilfiger stores reflect the brand’s “classic American cool” DNA and the mix of classic and modern influences that epitomize Tommy Hilfiger’s preppy heritage.

There are over 1,400 Tommy Hilfiger stores in over 90 countries worldwide including global flagships in seven locations: Fifth Avenue, New York (September 2009); the Champs-Élysées, Paris (November 2010); Brompton Road, London (August 2011); Omotesando, Tokyo (April 2012); Regent Street, London (November 2012); Robertson Boulevard, Los Angeles (February 2013); and Schadowstraße, Düsseldorf (August 2013). Anchor stores are located in Amsterdam, Beijing, Berlin, Bogotá, Buenos Aires, Cannes, Cologne, Dublin, Florence, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Helsinki, Hong Kong, Istanbul, London, Luxembourg, Madrid, Mexico City, Miami, Montréal, Moscow, Mumbai, Munich, New York, Osaka, Panama City, Santiago, São Paulo, Seoul, Shanghai, Singapore, Sydney, Vancouver, Vienna, and Zurich.

We set the trend, they mass produce it

Cultures are meant to transcend. With that comes trend popularity. Just because cultures become popular, it doesn’t take away from those who are at the core of each culture. Think of all the cultural trends that have have previously graced the runway and continue to pop up in a “new and fresh” look at cultural trends.

Like Lil Kim to Nicki Minaj, we want everyone to pay homage

To be welcomed and accepted into to displaying a particular culture one has to be fully immersed and in a sense “pay homage” as a right of passage to representing that culture in its most authentic forms. Since there is no definitive or explicit definition of what that it (it’s solely based on opinions) we can’t massacre Hilfiger’s design team for feelin our vibes.

Let’s not forget the Caribbean is such a blend of multiple cultures — Indian, Chinese, Dutch, Spanish and European influences are everywhere and that blend, with an island flair, is what makes our culture special. With that said, there are so many local designers based in the Caribbean and its diaspora that are much more culturally relevant, support them and continue to big up the culture elements at the mainstream level. It helps maintain our cultural legacy while we maintain our cultural authenticity.

What are your thoughts?



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This was my first year at the Blogalicious conference. This year’s theme was Build Your Own Empire (#BYOE15). I went with one thing on my mind building my brand and working with brands. Even though I work in marketing, marketing myself has always been on the back burner. As I continue to grow my empire, Style & Vibes is the cornerstone of it! Blogaicious wasn’t just an “on the whim” conference for me, I went there with exactly what I had in mind to accomplish and I did that.

Sharing my struggles with other bloggers and asking for help is a huge step for me, because I’m so used to doing it all by myself. I shared with Marie Denee and a room full of bloggers that next month will be my 8th year with this blog. To be honest, I was embarrassed that I’m not where I want to be, sharing my truth put it all into perspective for me. I’m proud that I’ve used this platform to learn EVERYTHING I know I about digital which has helped me in my corporate career and has lead to multiple freelance opportunities, but I have a tremendous opportunity to grow.

While I have always had the vision, having a process with definitive action steps have my been my Achilles heel. Learning that I can’t do everything solo forever when it comes to building my own empire is going to take some getting used to, but I’m willing to do so if it mean growth. I’ve come back more charged and ready take action and will be pushing myself with reasonable, yet challenging goals. I felt myself pushing towards that shift earlier this year so I’ve been plotting and planning for the first half of the year, testing content ideas for the blog and social media and figuring out what works. Now that I have a good grasp of that, it’s time to go into overdrive on action steps! Here are my takeaways, in order of importance: [click to continue…]


Dear Summer, It’s Been Great

by Miss Mikelah on September 14, 2015

Dear Summer

Photo by : Tisha Innis

Labor Day unofficially is the end of the summer! I’m always sad at the end of the season because I always miss the warm weather (it’s an island girl thing!). However, I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I’ve had one of the best summers ever! The key to enjoying is planning what you’re going to do in advance. I’ve done some pretty cool things and made major personal and professional milestone. Some of which I’ve share on the blog and some I haven’t. Here are my top Style & Vibes summer moments:

The Soundtrack: Machel Montano’s Monk Monte & Morgan Heritage’s Strictly Roots – my two favorite albums this summer! I’ve been playing them both continuously.

Morgan heritage strictly roots machel montano monk monte 2

Vacation: My Trip to Atlanta was awesome, I spent time with family and got to be a tourist for once!

Trip to Atlanta copy

Leisure reading: Somerset Grove was an easy and delightful read! the story was so intriguing that I literally read it in a few days once I started. I haven’t read a book like that since high school. I was very much what I needed to fall in love with fiction novels all over again. Soca Mom hosted a Google hangout with the author Dionne Peart when the book first launched.

Sommerset Grove

Date Night: Brooklyn Museum‘s first Saturday’s I got to check out the Basquiat and Sneaker exhibit (and of course eat at Sugarcane!)

Brooklyn Museum

Kid Friendly: My first kiddie carnival experience was pretty cool, my little one wants to play mas next year! Let’s see how that goes!

Kiddie Carnival NYC Carnival Weekend

Kiddie Carnival NYC Carnival Weekend 2

New Venture: Podcasting with Kerry – Bringing back my days in radio! Podcasting with my blog bae Kerry has been so much fun. I’m glad she asked me to share her journey with her as she continues trail blaze. We still have a few episodes coming up so stay tuned.

Carry on Friends Podcast

Personal Goal: Bought a new house! This has been the one of the most rewarding challenges apart from being a mom. My boo and I finally bought a house in June. We’re all moved in and taking on one project at a time to decorate.

Get Fit: Kamp Kamila , Zombie Run and My first Color Run – I made fitness a top priority. Maintaining a routine of working out 3-5 times a week and committing to healthier eating habits has been pretty challenging and I know keeping it up in the cooler months is the REAL

Kamp Kamilah Tour New York 2

Zombie Run New York

Eat & Lime: Pops & Reggae on the Hudson – Pops in Long Island was such an unexpected gem! Hanging out with family with a beach scene and good drinks always gives me that island vibe! Pops was family friendly in the afternoon and as the night time came it was more of a bar/lounge scene with a live DJ. Reggae on Hudson at La Marina was cool too after a little confusion on where and what we was available to eat, the band and DJ made it worthwhile.

Pops Long Island Reggae on the hudson

Party, Party, Party: Grits & Biscuits – If it were up to me, I probably would have partied a little more, that house we bought put a little dent in my finances so I only got to a few good day parties. Luckily they were both worth it! Grits & Biscuits is always a good time, it was their first time outdoors there were a few drawbacks, but I had fun (the drink line was way too long and they needed a Jamaican sound system for that place!) and newbie to FunBrunch the music and atmosphere was on point, but I was a little disappointed with the “brunch” part with just appetizers, but I’d definitely go again, but not starving.

Grits and Biscuits Brunch Punch

Local Vibes: Adult Field Day, Slide the City & Shaggy in Stamford, CT – I was born and raised (primarily) in Downtown Stamford, CT so to see the expansion of the city is amazing. That’s the main reason we wanted to stay here when we bought a house. They always try to bring cool events to city every year and Slide the City was one of them. Think big slip-n-slide in the middle of the street! Lots of fun. My friend hosted a mini after party with a water balloon fight in the middle of the city, I haven’t done that since I was a kid.

photo 4


Preparing for Blogalicious
Blogalicious is this week and gearing up to head to the conference, which is being held in Baltimore this year. I haven’t been to a blog conference since Blogging While Brown (which I thoroughly enjoyed) , but with no specific agenda in mind. This will be my first Blogalicious conference and I want to make it a memorable one. So, this time around I’m prepping early. Since I’ve been blogging a long time I’m really interested in taking my blog community to the next level so I’m heading into this conference with  that in mind. Here’s how I’m preparing for Blogalicious (#BYOE15)

1.) Get organized – I made a list of all the things I need to bring. Also, knowing the agenda and which panels and events I want to attend throughout the conference. Logistically, checking the details of travel, where I’m staying and having directions as a back up. Ensuring that I have business cards, memory card for my camera, chargers and a notepad handy.

2.) Get to know the speakers – getting to know the panelists will help me know which ones I’m retested in meeting so I’ve followed them on Twitter and Instagram, where I’m most active. The Blogalicious team has been great at e-mailing details in the weeks leading up to the conference as well.

3.) Define my mission for going – for so many conferences I’ve gone for the sake of going. This time I’m going knowing exactly what I want to get out of it. Conferences are more than just handing out business cards, it’s about learning better strategies to enhance your business (in this case my blog), building relationships and having fun!

I have high hopes for Blogalicious, the speaker line up alone is amazing so I’m excited and listening with open ears like a student on the first day of school. I’ll be sure to follow up with a post on what I learned.



I didn’t watch the VMA’s, but Nicki Minaj was all the buzz pre and post VMA’s. First with being unhappy about her neglected by MTV for not being nominated for Video of the Year for “Anaconda” via twitter.

Nicki Minaj VMA Tweet

Then her follow up response to Taylor Swift feeling like the shade was being thrown her way (which Swift later apologized for). Miley Cyrus, the show’s host added her opinion on Nicki’s initial comments in an interview, [click to continue…]