Machel Montanos Like ah boss

Machel Montano’s “Like ah Boss” has quickly become my theme song! The Soca star recently released a new collection of tees, tanks and caps in the song’s namesake. Check out the “Like ah Boss” collection and more available for men and women. Enjoy the Soca vibes with the “Like ah Boss” video below while you check out the collection.


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March April Issue 2015

Triple the Focus has gone bi-monthly! The new release schedule allow us to double the content, so we hope you enjoy. The March/April issue focuses heavily on Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York City along with trends and travel advice. Packed with new artist and T.V. shows to keep on your radar for the head into the spring season.

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StyleandVibes Link Lovin

It’s been a while since I’ve had a edition of Link Lovin’.  I’ve been so consumed with work that I haven’t had much time to share what I’ve been reading. I finally had some time to do so this weekend.

The idea of Black vs. African-American seems like a revolving conversation of proper etiquette when referring to race, specifically here in the U.S., but what about our brothers and sisters living abroad? They technically may not fall in the “African-American” category but share similar Black experiences, how do they feel? Canadian blogger Bee Quammie opens up the conversation on For Harriet’s feature Not All Blacks Are American {For Harriet}

Trinidad carnival is still at the top of my bucket list. Since I didn’t get to go as planned this year, seeing all the pictures and video keeps me in carnival spirit.  A.V.’s “Ready for di Road: The Culture Behind Carnival” only reinforces why I need to make my way Trinidad Carnival sooner than later. {AV Does What}

The Dreamworks children’s movie Home comes out this week. I can’t take to take my little one! Adanna Hill of Rattles & Heels got an invite to the press event and met pop singer Rihanna, the voice behind the young girl in the movie. {Rattles & Heels}

The Caribbean is made up of a variety cultures and languages, have you ever considered becoming fluent in a language that’s not you’re native tongue? I have, and would love in my daughter would see the value in doing the same. While she loves Dora the Explorer, books are a great way to keep them interested in learning a new language. We do have a few of these books on Eva of  Soca Mom’s list. {Soca Mom}

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Style & Vibes Link Lovin’

by Miss Mikelah on January 24, 2015

Link Loving 4x4

Racism in America: Are Caribbeans who come here for a better life naive to the notions of racism that exist? {Aiden Neal}

Puerto Rican American actress Gina Rodriguez, star of Jane the Virgin wins a Golden Globe for best actress in a television comedy and why her acceptance speech was a viral phenomenon {Tea & Breakfast}

Fellow Caribbean lifestyle blogger Kerry of Carry on Friends has started a motivational podcast! To kick off the new year she talks about goal setting and accountability. {Carry on Friends}

Hatian-American digital maven Karen Civil talks philanthropy, expanding her brand and demanding respect with Vibe Magazine {Vibe Magazine}

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Personal Goals for 2015

by Miss Mikelah on January 19, 2015


2015 GoalsPhotos by Fred Berry

I know we’re halfway through the first month of 2015, but I figured sharing my goals can never be late, right?! Let me say first I’m thankful and blessed to make it to 2015! I thank you for reading and rocking with Style & Vibes new and old. I accomplished much in 2014 in terms of personal growth, a continuous journey with setbacks and successes.

What I learned in 2014

Confidence: I deserve to be here and my success is not by chance.

Time Management: Keep my task list to 5, once those are complete make another 5.

Financial Priorities: Sticking to shopping lists, budgeting, saving and paying off debt – I second guessed EVERY purchase I made right down to breakfast we every morning. I also made a decision to actively have a personal savings cushion.

Sleep is important: creating and 11pm cutoff time was important to functioning correctly. There are times where I’ve had to break it to finish work but for the most part in stuck to it.

Discovered Green Smoothies:  Green smoothies are my best friend in the mornings. I did a green smoothie challenge last year and maintained it at least 3-4 mornings a week.

2015 Goals

Read Books: I read something everyday, mostly blogs and news articles online and magazines, but nothing comes close to reading a good book. My goal is at least 1 per month.

Prioritize Me: I have a tendency to put everyone and everything I need to do first, but putting my own priorities first is important to achieving my next set if personal goals.

Be Consistent: This has been my biggest setback and it’s at the top of my priorities for this year. I’ve often put blogging on the back burner, but posting regularly is important to me. Not just with blogging but using my time wisely on social media platforms with regards to a mapped out strategy.

Lose 20 Pounds: I actually started this in ate 2014, with regards to exercise, but I need to change my eating habits slowly and eating out too much.

Execute: I tend to plan forever, to the point where if it’s not perfect I’m not doing it. I’m learning that perfection can be overrated and the results of non-perfection can turn out pretty awesome.

2015 Goals 2

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Kaci Fennel Cover

January 2015 Issue of Triple the Focus featuring Miss Jamaica and candidate or Miss Universe 2014 Kaci Fennell. Kaci was featured in our fashion issue  a few years ago. In this issue visit the beautiful island of St. Lucia, deep conditioners for your hair, start the year off right with six exercises that will transform you body and learn to budget better in 2015. Get to know new artists Omari Banks, Shaliek, Nathaniel and more!

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Curly to straight on tapered hair

I’m growing our my hair! I know I just cut it earlier this year, but I miss my ponytail and big bun for those off hair days. But I’m not in a rush (no length checks here) I enjoy the low maintenance of my short curls. Some days the shape looks weird since it’s growing out, so I recently straighten my short hair for the second time since I’ve been rocking short hair. Going curly to straight always makes me feel sassy! I love the versatility of natural hair, but straight natural hair does not coincide with moisture, so it only lasted a few days (it was a wrap after I took a zumba class) but it was fun nonetheless. I actually used the same technique that I do with my long hair, blow dry with a paddle brush and flat iron. I’ll do a step-by-step tutorial soon!


Straight Tapered Cut_Natrual Hair

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Main copy

Celebrating my blog anniversary was this time around was extremely enjoyable. The intimacy of getting together with a few of my favorite bloggers, brands and supporters was a personal achievement, since I’ve never publicly celebrated. This year I teamed up with brand new Brooklyn based Caribbean fusion restaurant Suede to host an intimate group of ladies, a few of my fellow Caribbean Digital Divas for an appetizer tasting sponsored by Suede but of course we stayed for dinner!

Suede is a brand new Caribbean fusion restaurant located in middle of Brooklyn among the people. Whenever I dine out I look for great food and good vibes. The decor was was warm, inviting and modern. Not to mention the bathroom area had a mini lounge area with a fireplace. I can’t wait to go back in the summer, they have an unopened outdoor patio that they’ll be opening up in the warmer months.

The menu is filled with contemporary twists on classic Caribbean favorites offering a variety  of sweet, heat and savory meals. Suede sponsored our appetizers, so the ladies and I had the sampler which included codfish fritters, jerk shrimp, mango wings and Island chips and dip along with the Street Corn which was brushed with jerk aioli and toasted coconut flakes. My favorites were the jerk shrimp (a little spicy, but I loved) and the street corn.

Suede NYC Appetizer


Next I had to wanted to try something I never had before, so  I tried the taco trio with Jerk Chicken, Ackee and Saltfish and Callalloo; an interesting trio that worked perfectly with each other with great flavors in a bite size. Next up was the oxtail pizza. I’m not into meat lover’s pizzas, but my guess is if you like meat on your pizza, you’ll love this pizza. The the traditional slow stew of oxtail definitely enhance the rest of the pizza’s taste, the pizza’s thin crust began to soften as you ate more slices, that was was the only setback of the pizza, but the flavor was great. The ladies had an assortment of dishes, but the presentation of Jay’s fish & chips was amazing!

Suede NYC Tacos [click to continue…]

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Chicken Salad Recipe

Traditional Chicken Salad is not something I usually have. Most recipes are cold and creamy, which I’m trying to stay away from, but I was determined to find and easy chicken recipe since I’m also not a huge fan of cooking chicken unless it’s stewed down or curry. I digress. I don’t roast chicken, so I bought some roasted chicken from the grocery store and had plans to just put it on top of some salad and call it a day. But that just seemed so uninspiring I did a quick browse of what was in my pantry and whipped up an amazing recipe that will probably be my new “go-to” for an easy chicken salad.


Roasted Chicken Breast (skin off and cubed)

Handful of Cilantro

Canned Corn

Canned Black Beans

Half a small onion chopped

1 clove of garlic

1/3 cup of olive oil

Juice of 2 lemons




1.) Combine cubed chicken, corn, black beans and onions in a bowl

Chicken Salad 1

2.) Rough chop cilantro and place in a bowl (I used a measuring cup for no particular reason

3.) Fine chop garlic, add to cilantro

4.) Add Salt and pepper to cilantro and garlic, then squeeze lemon juice on top

5.) Wisk in olive oil, continuously stir for a few minutesphoto 2

6.) Pour cilantro Vinaigrette over chicken and mix with a spoon. (I added a little pepper to the mixture) photo 3

You can actually stop here and eat as is, but I wanted to add a little greens to my salad. I wasn’t planning to do a meal prep, but I had mad so much I decided to put in a these mason jars. Then put whole baby spinach leafs and topped with a plum tomato slice. This was a great for lunch, it made 4 servings.


photo 4

Chicken Salad Final

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Buy Black Owned on Black Friday

This Black Friday shopping for many are out of the question. In the wake of the disappointing turn of events due to the Mike Brown’s killer, officer Darren Wilson not being indicted, many have opted to not buy anything on Black Friday. Rather than boycott completely consider buying from black owned businesses not just this holiday, but regularly. Boycotting Black Friday will defeat the purpose showing our economical power if we end up buying next week anyway. Supporting big businesses are important too, many minorities work at these companies in order to really promote positive cultural change that needs to happen in and outside of our community. Diversity is what makes this country great, so let’s continue to support each other as much as possible. Here are some of my favorite Black and Caribbean brands with great gifts for your love ones this holiday. Shop small black owned businesses!

Cocotique is a monthly beauty box subscription for only $20 a month you get a variety of samples and full sized items curated for women of color. I look forward to my box every month! If you purchase after Dec. 1  Get 10% off your first deluxe beauty box subscription from! Use code BOX10.


Jolie Bloom is a skin healthy product line with a variety of bath bars, bath teas, lotions and candles all made from natural ingredients. The line of eco-friendly products created by fellow Jamaican blogger Jhéanell AdamsJolie Bloom is running a Black Friday Special at 30% off using the code black30 at checkout. You’ll also get a free soap sample on purchases over $25.

Scotty Beama

Scotty Beama is an eclectic line of graphic printed apparel created by Tisha Innis. She’s an amazing designer who’s worked with a number of designers and recently ventured off to create her own line. Scotty Beama is running a Cyber Monday Sale at 30% off at check out.

Sukari Gift Set

Su-Kari’s line of products includes brown sugar scrubs, foot scrubs, body butters, and body oils. The Su-Kari line is carefully formulated to exfoliate and moisturize your skin, leaving it silkier than before. Combining exfoliants derived from nature including raw sugar, coffee beans and the Israeli Dead Sea with essential and aromatic oils to leave skin soft, smooth and rejuvenated without chemicals, parabens, or artificial preservatives. Su-Kari also has great gift baskets for the holidays, their body butters are my favorite!


Moruka Designs is a handbag accessories line inspired by Guyana, home to the company’s founder Julian Gravesande. Moruka Designs clutches are bold statement pieces perfect for a night on the town, holiday party or gift for a girlfriend.

The Pink Locket

Handmade jewelry always makes a great gift! The Pink Locket has a number of pieces, many that can be customized! Created by hand with love by Kamilah Campbell, owner of  The Pink Locket, she makes bracelets, earring, cuff links and even wine charms for your next dinner party.


Chef Chris De La Rosa’s Caribbean Pot Youtube channel has been a staple of mine. The Trinidadian born chef, now based in Canada shares how to make Caribbean dishes on Caribbean Pot. Chris’ latest cookbook The Vibrant Caribbean Pot Vol. 2 is a great go-to-recipe guide for 100 traditional and Caribbean fusion dishes.

The Global Woman Collection Taj Waite

Taj Hunter Waite is an interior designer and blogger of All Things Taj with a line a decorative throw pillows called The Global Woman Collection using Ankara cloth from West Africa. Handmade in America, part of the proceeds go to various global charitable organizations.

Marley Headphones

While everyone is trying to get a good deal in a pair if Beats headphones, why not be original and get a pair of Marley headphones? House of Marley is having an amazing sale with up to 80% off their headphones!


Aye’ Shanti pieces are handcrafted and designed by Brooklyn-based artist, Shanti Vincent. “I love to produce striking designs with elements of culture, fantasy, and unique conversation piece” An ode to her Caribbean background, she’s inspired by the vibrant colors, rhythms, and breath taking natural scenery of her years visiting the Spice Isle, Grenada with a mix of her urban upbringing here in Brooklyn, New York.

TabiiJust Tobago Scarf

Tabii Just launched a new line of scarves inspired by the Caribbean island of Tobago. The beauty of this island served as the inspiration for vibrant, breezy prints that make a statement while maintaining a wearability that is a signature of Tabii Just. These scarves maintain Tabii Just’s Zero Waste ideals and are manufactured in New York’s Garment District. The Tobago scarves are dual purpose. For breast-feeding moms, these scarves can be used as nursing covers. Don’t be deterred, though, guys! These are also a hit among stylish men.


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